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The Best American Gamefowl Breeders 2020 – Gamefowl Farms in Usa

fighting rooster breeders

In today’s article we’ll talk about the american gamefowl breeders and, of course, also about the most important rooster races and poultry houses. As we all know, Americans are the ones that have created gamefowls of excellent quality through years of genetic study and improvement; thanks to this, Mexico can enjoy of high quality animals since it’s easier to import them from different breeds of fighting rooster.

Now I want to mention some of the most important breeders in the U.S, without forgetting that here in Mexico there are great breeders as well, to whom I send my regards and about who I’ll talk about in further articles. So if you have the chance of acquiring or buying fighting cocks in the United States, even if it is some stallion rooster, from any of these breeders, don’t hesitate in doing so.

The Famous American Gamefowl Farms and Breeders

Garry Guilliam

He is the winner of the major number of derbies in the American Union. The brands he runs are Round Head and Hatch, which have maintained themselves winners since more than 50 fifty ago, playing with plenty types of guns as they are Gaff, Inch Knife and Phillipina. His poultry house is situated in the state of Oklahoma.

Carol Nesmith

For plenty of breeders, he’s the authentic, original breeder of the Sweaters, famous for his brands Sweaters Pasums and Sweaters 5000, and I imagine that you guys have already read the history of the latter. Both of the Sweaters lines have revolved the rooster fights in Mexico and Philippines, besides of their Hatch Stuards and Kelsos. Their poultry house  is in the state of Alabama.

american gamefowl breeders
Famous american gamefowl breeders

Kenny Troiano

Californian breeder, specialist in the Hatch race and runner of other 3 more, classified by colors. Besides he is a judge in the American Game Fowl Society and he has wrote 2 books about fighting cocks.

Gene Bartia

Absolute winner of plenty of the most important tournaments in Philippines and Mexico and runner of the Sweater, Kelsos and Hatch lines. His poultry house is situated in the state of Louisiana.

Dink Fair

Breeder of beautiful gamefowls, his best line is Sweater, although he also counts with Yellow Leg Hatch and Kelso. He is one of the most recognized American breeders in the world and, of course, his poultry house is in the state of Louisiana.

Rat Graves

He runs the lines Hatch, Kelso and Giro, currently one of the most successful reproductive farms in the fences of Mexico and Phillippines, and located in the state of Oklahoma.

Roy Bready

He runs the lines Radio, Giro and Hatch, just like his late partner, Johnnie Jumper. He has traveled around the world and has been appreciated by plenty for harvest great amounts of successes with his Radio roosters, which have been exceptionally good gamefowls and his poultry house is located in Mississippi.

David Hurt

He was the outstanding student of Johnnie Jumper, breeder of powerful Radios, Giros and Hatches, with great success in Mexico’s fences and Philippines. Currently, his gamefowl farms in mississippi.

Bruce Barnet

Better known as Mr. Sweater due to his Sweater offspring, with great output in Philippines and Mexico, besides his Kelsos and Hatch Gillmores. He has also been an excellent rooster shepherd and his farm locates in Alabama.

Jerry Sklick Lizard

Another Alabama rooster breeder, Jerry runs several lines as Giro, Hatch, Kelso, Albanys and Sweater; one of the greatest gamefowl suppliers for Mexico and Philippines. If you are here in Mexico, you can contact with Natividad Osuna for acquiring Jerry’s birds.

Kerry Robinson Gamefowl Farms in Mississippi

He’s a Mississippi breeder and another student of Jumper with an impressive record of successes in Mexico and Philippines.

Emanuel Massa

Another Louisiana breeder, successful for his Kelso, Hatch, Orientales and Yellow Leg Hatch lines, although the one considered his best brand are his Kelsos.

Lonnie Harper

Breeder from the state of Tennessee with greater success in Mexico in the past years for his lines Giro, Kelso and Hatch, but especially for his Giro roosters which have gave him plenty of victories in the Mule Train match.

Randy Jumper

Inheritor of Johnnie Jumper’s legacy, he runs the Sweater, Kelso, Giro, Radio and currently owns 2 poultry houses here in Mexico, one in Piedras Negras Coahuila and the other one in Tepic Nayarit.

Johnnie Jumper

We couldn’t forget about the legendary Johnnie Jumper who, from all the fighting cocks breeders in the United States, have been the most famous in the latest decades and creator of the Radio and Jumper lines, but we can’t leave aside his Kelso, Hatch, Giro and Sweater, which have given speed, cut and intelligence to the modern gamefowls, revolving the rooster fights in the whole Mexico, U.S and Philippines.

gamefowl farms in mississippi
Gamefowl farms in Usa

Bobby Payton

He’s an Alabama breeder very known in Mexico and Philippines for his Democrata roosters, which are very appreciated for the old school breeders.

Mel Sims

He’s an old school breeder since the 50’s. He has raised Brown Red roosters, very appreciated in both, Mexico and Philippines. Here in Mexico they are most commonly crossed with the Hatchs for their inch knife and in Philippines they are often mixed with the Kelsos and, in some cases, the Sweaters.

Larry Romero

Successful Sweater, Kelso and Albany breeder. He has powerful and intelligent gamefowls, which have demonstrated it in plenty of occasions, and currently resides in Louisiana.

Crow Graves

Oklahoma breeder of the races Sweater, Hatch, Kelso and Giro, all of them of the highest of the qualities, his roosters have given excellent results in Mexico and Philippines.

Dalle Cantrell

Famous breeder of the state of Virginia, specialized in the Albany roosters. His animals have great performance due to them been raised in the high mountains.

Joe Stanford Gamefowl Farms in Texas

A Texas rooster breeders that currently has a society in Mexico along with Natividad Osuna, and also owns a ranch situated in Mazatlan Sinaloa, where you can acquire gamefowls of excellent genetic quality.


I know there are rooster breeders and poultry houses that I didn’t mention, but I’m going to make further updates, since there is a very large list of American breeder that I still need to name. I would also like what you think about the success of the fighting rooster breeders in the United States. Remember, the small details make the great breeders.