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Top Fighting Rooster Breeds and Their Characteristics

gamefowl bloodlines and their characteristics

I want to talk about the different fighting roosters breeds as there’s increasing the number of people who are more passionate about cockfighting and, therefore, there are always people who are just starting out on it and don’t know much about the subject.

As in all animals, whether dogs, horses, cats, there are always different races of them all, and the game fowl roosters couldn’t be the exception. That’s why I’m going to mention the best cockfighting breeds for the inch knife only, since there are countless lines or families for the different weapons.

best cockfighting breeds
The best cockfighting breeds

It should be noted that within each race of roosters there are many variants, as each breeder gives a different touch by adding another race to improve some deficiency or just to add a slightly different style of skin. But do not forget that for these animals to develop maximum potential you must give a good feed food for fighting roosters.

Main breeds of fighting cocks


Among their characteristics, they are really good flyers (which is a rare characteristic among roosters), though a little clumsy. Their feather color goes from yellow to golden; and their legs are yellow colored. They are related with almost all the races but especially they tie with the Kelso race.


They are classic roosters that you will always see in almost any farm, they fight very well both up and down. They are intelligent roosters, their color of legs goes from yellow to white. These birds are also powerful and linked to almost all lines of roosters. They are phenotypically pretty roosters. For many this is one of the most beloved fighting cock’s breeds.

fighting rooster breeds list
Gamefowl breeds


They are very intelligent, cheerful, and very aggressive fighters, and this is often their advantage. Nowadays, compared to modern fighting cocks, the Radio rooster is a little slower. If you mix it up with a faster bloodline it could help improve your fighting chances in combat. They are one of the best fighting rooster breeds that was originated by Jhonnie Jumper since a hybrid Whitehackle-Kelso rooster. The Radio breed has a tendency to cut too much. They are medium to low roosters that cross well with Kelso and Sweater, a Radio stud can get to reproduce to an 80% of males.


They are roosters with excellent cutting effectiveness. They take good care of themselves, they distinguish themselves by their speed and strength. They have a good resistance, they are excellent fighters and have great intelligence. As the name says, they have green legs and they link well with almost any race especially with Kelso and Sweater.


They are roosters that play very well down, very well shaped body, and they usually are dark red or dark brown cocks; with yellow and even white legs. Most are of mountain crest, very few of turkey crest, and sometimes they have white guides. The Albany one is a rooster of power that is very active in the ring. Most times they try to avoid the first shock in the air and put the opponent into their fighting style. It crosses well with Kelso and Hatch.


They are roosters of medium to high stature, with an average weight of 4 to 5.2 pounds. They are smart fighters. They are also very aggressive, and superbly fast cutters. The Roundheads are known to possess devastating power. They are animals that take time to mature and that is why they should be fight after 2 years, although the ideal time would be 3.

breeds of gamefowl
Gamefowl bloodlines and their characteristics


It is a cutter rooster, very fast and straight to the shock. They are very hot cocks that always look for fight and many times when they are cut they become more aggressive. They’re black or green legged birds, they have dark, almost black eyes, and dark brown feathers. In Mexico, he is crossed with Hatch for a flea knife and very good fighting cocks come out of it, and in the Philippines he crosses a lot with Kelso for the Philippine knife.


They are one of the roosters that have tremendous power and they stick very hard. Their style it’s always down between 23 and 27 inches, not higher. They are roosters with a lot of bottom. These animals crossed with Sweater, Kelso and Radio obtain a higher advantage, that pure maybe lack. For some American breeders they are the secret ingredient of their combat roosters.


It has short, black and red feathers, yellowish-white skin and yellow legs. It has broad shoulders, a short beak and very prominent wings. His weight ranges from 4 pounds to 6 pounds. The Asil is a rooster that hits focefully and can hurt an opponent only in bare heels on their own. Between their disadvantages they need to bite to throw, they are slow. However, this is not one of the families of fighting cocks for the inch knife. Even so the inch cockers have infused with this blood line to give more cut, power, resistance to their offspring, since there’s a says that goes like this: “The Asil is the only one that improves all the rooster breeds”.

best cockfighting breeds
List gamefowl bloodlines

Remember that in the roosters there is no better or worse line simply have to try to acquire one based on your tastes and for a family to be good and excellent results will depend on good nutrition and vitamins for rooster fighting adequate. These are some gamefowl bloodlines and their characteristics that I personally find in the different breeds of fighting cocks, and, maybe, not all agree with me, but I repeat that each breeder is improving his line based on what he believes. Little details form the big breeders.