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The Gamefow Feeding Start, Posture, Pelecha, Reproduction

food for rooster feed

The gamefowl feeding is very important to have a fine offspring, good casting, and the proper preparation for the cock in the battle. The good nutrition of his parents to birth him, followed by the good nutrition he received while been a chicken, until the moment he appears in the circle, plays a critical role in his success in combat.

Thanks to the great medical, technological and genetic advances, we have the good fortune of been able to acquire specialized meals for the proper development and maintenance of our american game fowl, with the protein for fighting cocks that is the most appropriate.

How to prepare food for fighting cocks

The best food for fighting cocks is going to be the one that we can prepare ourselves, with the raw material of excellent quality, since I have seen that many times we buy a package of food of any brand and it turns out that they eat well 2 or 3 packages, but then we bought another package and some roosters that ate well start leaving the food behind. This is because the producers of food change a grain or another of lower quality, since some price increase and try to reduce costs. So if we could prepare the food for fighting cocks, it would be the right thing.

gamefowl feeding program
The best gamefowl feed

The first thing to do when you start or when you want to improve is to investigate the availability of these foods to make the best use of them and give our fighting cocks the convenient food for all the  different stages of their lives.

Food for fighting cocks

The era of using broken corn as the basic edible is a thing of the past. We currently know that they lack protein as it only contributes 7.5% of the food elements required by the fighting cocks for their maintenance and for this reason should not be used as the daily essential food, but as an occasional dessert. The roosters need a complete meal mix that contains at least the minimum level of essential nutrients that their body requires daily to sustain its basic functions, and with this the good health.

In the nutrition of our birds, we must put a lot of emphasis on the percentage of protein that contains the mixture of food that we use in our fighting birds. This is essential, since if we do not offer them the suitable level of proteins, the bird will not develop properly nor will it be able to exceed the periods of overload from reproduction, losing or change of feather, posture, etc., while maintaining its anatomical functions at their normal level.

Proteins are one of the primary components of the cock’s tissues and are in their blood, muscles, different organs, skin, feathers, ligaments, bones, nails, etc.

There are 2 types of proteins, one of them comes from plants and it’s called “vegetal proteins”, and animal protein. The rooster needs both of them in their diet, but the most important is the animal one because it contains the amino acids and vitamin B-12 that they need. That’s why the use of vitamin B12 5500. The simplest way to add animal protein in the feed mix is ​​by adding dry dog ​​food in the form of a small pellet, so that it forms between 10% and 15% of the mixture in total.

Food for fighting cocks breeding

To generate fertile eggs, the reproducers need a diet with 18% protein and a good multivitamin in the drinking water. You must have in mind that at the moment when the hen lays the egg it has no way of supplying more nutrients to the fetus, therefore it is necessary to give it the precise feeding so that, apart from supporting its normal functions, it can endow each egg with the precise nutrients for its good development in the 21 days that the incubation lasts.

best pointing feed for gamefowl
Gamefowl food

Food for roosters in posture

Vitamins, like the food of the cocks, play a key role for the good development of the fetus. A deficiency of Vitamin E will cause the death of the fetus on the 4th day of incubation. If it lacks the convenient level of Vitamin B12, it will die on the 17th day of incubation. The deficiency of Pantothenic Acid, Liposoluble K, Biotin or Manganese will cause death in the last days of incubation. A deficiency of Calcium, Cobalt, Vitamin D3, B2, B6 and Folic Acid affect the triumphant incubation of the eggs. This is why it is essential to give the multivitamin supplement in the drinking water to the reproducers.

Fine chickens food

Regardless of the breeds of gamefowl from the time they are born until the 8 weeks of age, the food for fighting chickens should have 21% protein in their diet. After that age and starting them out in freedom, they can be lowered to 18%. When the chickens are confined, it is gradually reduced to 16%, this may depend on the criterion of the breeder.

The food of the chickens as a first step, to the development of the chick, helps to grow much stronger muscles. Along with B complex, you must add vitamins A, D, E, K, as well as minerals such as iron, copper and calcium.

Feeding for roosters in maintenance

For the good maintenance of roosters the rest of the time, the diet needs to contain around 15% and 16% of protein.

The food for the maintenance of fighting cocks must provide the adequate nutrition, added with minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that help to maintain bones and muscles in optimal conditions. Personally, I use purine (1/4) and rooster food Casta Brava (3/4).

Food for roosters in feather losing season

what to feed game roosters
Rooster feed

Many american gamefowl breeds throughout the pelecha period raise the percentage of protein in the mixture to an 18%. The feathers are composed of 85% percent protein, so for that our animals develop a strong and shiny plumage, you have to provide them with the level they need. Also during this stage it is of vital importance to apply the vitamins for fighting roosters to have power since there is no food that covers all the needs of the bird during this stage.

Feeding for fighting cocks in care

In the position of the cock when we submit to the affliction of the exercises and daily management, you have to raise the protein in the mix to an 18% to avoid losing muscle as a result of increased physical activity. If we do not compensate this in the diet, their system will rob it out of the body and we will notice a loss of weight.

How to prepare food for fighting cocks in posture

The feed for fighting cocks in care that I use is the following:

As a base I use the “selected grain” food every day, I prepare a 1/4 cup of milk, I put it to soak in the grain that I will give to the roosters that day and 2 times a week I add a spoonful of red cell for every 4 roosters. I also give to every four animals a half a can of tuna from 2 to 3 times a week, but on a different day that I use the red cell.


The food for fighting chickens or for roosters should always be of the highest quality. I prepare it in the way that I have explained previously, but if you do not want to buy it I would personally recommend it for Casta Brava, Gallo de Oro and Purina. I hope you liked the article and I would like to know which food for fighting cocks you use and how it works for you.