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Blog About Fighting Cocks All You Need to Know

game fowl roosters cockfighting

Welcome Breeders

Welcome Breeders To all readers who like fighting cocks, fine roosters, fowl or whatever they call it, I give them the most cordial welcome they have come to the right place to know everything related to these animals. I’ll be doing some articles on breeds, conditioning, raising, posture, consanguinity, feeding, American breeders, the use of vitamins, the different types of razor and, in general, everything related to the world of fighting cocks. I´ll share with you everything I have learned by reading magazines and books of roosters and applying it on practice with our beloved feathered warriors.

The fighting cocks

As we all know, the fine roosters are domestic birds that are characterized by having a totally aggressive behavior and are raised with the aim of fighting the males among themselves as entertainment and fun.

My intention is to help beginners and all those who like cockfighting. On this page you can find articles that talk about all these topics and many more, so I invite you to take a look.

game fowl roosters cockfighting
Game fowl roosters

Races of Roosters

I will talk about the best cockfighting breeds and also explain one by one, in order to help the rookie breeders to know what the characteristics of each are. For both the inch and the round knife.

The raising of fighting birds

This stage is where we have to assemble the lots to produce the future gladiators of our cockpit, then you have to know how to raise them to get the best fighting chickens, until you get to make them male cocks, but not all the breeders know how to achieve excellent results. In this blog you will find some tips on how to start gamefowl breeding, how to choose a stallion, learn about consanguinity, how to choose a hen, the importance of water in the breeding season; long story short, there is much talk.

Best Breeders

I will mention the great rooster breeders and gamefowl farms in usa, you will know the lines and families of roosters that have done very much in their style and keeping it for several decades

Large breeders

I will mention the great American and national breeders. You will know the lines or families of birds that have been made by their own style and how they have conserved them very well for decades.

Conditioning the fighting cocks

Some of this may seem very elementary, but I’m going to start with the basics, as if the readers have just started out. I will talk about the conditioning, how does it starts, what is health, and nutrition. Since without health and nutrition, everything else does not work.

american game fowl
Game fowl roosters

The feeding of fine roosters

This is the most important point because it affects all the stages of the animals. A best feed for gamefowl will make them express their greatest genetic potential, in other words, they will make a better fight.

As we all know in most places you can find a mix of food for fighting cocks, which will include a combination of different grains and pellets. Although, there is not one specific food that includes everything that the fighting cock needs for an optimal feeding, you have to supplement it with vitamins and minerals.


All the birds in the cockpit should be free of parasites (worms, lice and mites). And not only those you have in position; each chicken, pullet, and rooster must be clean as well. Their environment will determine how often you need to try to prevent parasites. We must also carry a period of vaccination and prevention to avoid losses in our flocks, we will talk about the diseases that cause the most problems to the fine roosters, such as coccidia, smallpox, distemper, and else.

Vitamins for fighting cocks

game fowl roosters
American game fowl

How should we treat our animals to help them to be better gladiators, the use of vitamins for gamefowl as part of a complete diet it’s fundamental since there is no food that provides everything that the rooster needs and that is why it is you have to resort to the use of vitamins.

Training of fighting cocks

Of course I will talk about the position of roosters since it is the stage that has more importance prior to combat. I will try to make the article better explained as possible, that there will be a talk on the internet from how to select the best roosters to the point of cutting and feeding that’s given in the arena. I will explain everything that I know so that all the people who start and want to learn to raise roosters have a good base, since many people want to start in the posture and do not find a pastor who is not possessive with his method and does not wants to explain it.

As you will see, fellow breeder, I intend to help everyone who is in the world of fowl. I’m not an expert, I just want to share what little I’ve learned in the 11 years I’ve been in the world of the fighting cocks so I invite you to keep visiting my blog because every week I’ll be adding new articles. Remember the small details make the great cock breeders.