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The Rooster Albany Gamefowl, Characteristics, History, Most Famous Breeders

rooster albany gamefowl fighting style



The family of the Albany roosters was originated in Albany, New York by the O’Connell brothers during the times of 1930. Very combating roosters but in an elegant style, very intelligent as well, they go from the light-colored to the brownish, with round head and yellow or white legs.

The history tells us that the Albany fighting cocks have a great percentage of Stanford Hatch and Hardy Majoveni blood, this offspring is known as Old Albany, this family spread itself in the United States pretty quickly and each breeder developed their very own family, that’s why there’s a great variety of Albany’s that go from the colored with white feathers, round head and yellow legs, to the brownish red and sorrels from which come off the famous Albany that brought mister Ray Hoskins.

albany gamefowl history
Albany rooster fighting

We must remember that the Albany roosters of the O’Connell brothers were half Hatch and half Hardy, which were both very good without excelling, until the O’Connell brothers crossed their Old Albany. Since this mating, the Albany’s were consolidated as the constant winners in the United States tournaments. The Albany’s are a race that can be mated with any other family, let it be with Sweater, Kelsos, Giro, or any other line of roosters. That’s why the red lights have been on in the worldwide gallistics as the return of the Albany prototype is on wheels.

During the times of 2004 this lines started to take over the most important tournaments of the United States.

Albany roosters’ characteristics

Their strong, powerful, cuddly and straight forward combat style has allowed them to take over a place that they never stopped owning. Their fighting performance, strong in the air and powerful in the floor, violent and up forward makes them lethal fighters. Maybe their phenotypes aren’t uniform but their combating style is exactly the same in all of their lines. Obviously, there are breeders that have allowed them to evolve according to their capacities, while others have tried to change, both willing and unwillingly, this fighting style that is their classic signature.

The Albany fighting cocks are one of the most famous families, denominated triple all terrain, which is used as mother blood for hybridizations and the offspring are really exceptional.

Most famous breeders

From the Albany fighting cocks of nowadays, we can say that the best of them were raised by famous breeder Johnny Murp, even beating the birds of the great Johnnie Jumper, whom also had an exceptional family of Albany roosters. There also outstand breeders such as Dale Cantrell and many other American breeders since a lot of people has had access to the amazing Albany families. Is due to this that in our corrals we need to consider the existence of this basic line of roosters in the actuality of the fighting cocks in Mexico. Don’t forget my friends, that the small details make the great breeders.

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It should be noted that the albany roosters are a powerful race that fights on the ground, if you want to get this type of birds without doubt this family is the best alternative.