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The Rooster Sweater Gamefowl, History, Characteristics, Breeders

sweater rooster history


Sweater gamefowl history

It is believed that the formula from which the Sweater gamefowl came out is ¾ Yellow Leg Hatch and ¼ Kelso. The principal base for the Sweater roosters are the Yellow Leg that come from Mr. Hatch. Later, the Perry and McClean, until they get to Mr. Sweater McGinnis who came out with his first green legged Hatch and some yellow legged. From here it comes out that the Sweater is a line of the Yellow Leg Hatch with a little infusion of Kelso blood, of course with the personal touch that every breeder gave to their offspring, breeders like Johnnie Jumper, Carol Nesmith, Dink Fair and others that pushed the Sweater gamefowl since 1980 and have consolidated themselves as a winner race since then, due to their aptitudes and elegance that its required for playing with cutting edge weapons like the Philippine blade, depending on the breeder some of them are light colored, mid-colored of yellowish with a little spikes. Ones have mid spike and finer heads, ones have broader backs.

sweater gamefowl characteristics
Pure sweater gamefowl

Did you know that the sweater gamefowl were introduced in Mexico with other names like the Kelso and the yellow Leg Hatch? When this birds became a tendency, plenty of yellow animals started to come into Mexico with those names and in reality they were the Sweater roosters.

Since before in Mexico the fine Sweater roosters where little known, just a few or anybody actually knew them, it’s because of this that plenty of people thinks that the phenotype of the Yellow Leg Hatch is yellow because that’s how they were first known. In reality, while the Yellow Leg is mostly colored and square headed, currently we all see the Sweater with turkey crest, round headed and yellow when some time ago were known for being orange with squared heads and saw crests.

Even if you don’t believe it, it’s real, because it was said by breeders with more than 25 and 30 years of experience. This is a race of roosters that came in strong and winning of the United States, Mexico and Philippines derbies. It went from being an unknown race to be the most used one in the new times, becoming the new kings.

From the first class fences to the corral fights, there couldn’t be a tall bird with defined yellow tones in the necktie and yellow feet because it was necessary to keep it cheap. A fun fact is that in the past tournaments that were hosted in the United States the yellow birds were the first to lose.

Currently in Mexico the Sweater gamefowl have become one of the most popular races (Kelso and Sweater are the most used). Without fear to being wrong, I can say that in any part of the country were the cock fights are hosted we’ll find a breeder that misses this family between all the others.

Sweater roosters Characteristics

They are animals of spiky bodies, yellow and sometimes white legs, clear colored and yellowish, round head and turkey crests although previously these animals were known to have saw crests and square heads, normally they have white feathers in their tails and plenty of times in their wings. Aggressive, quick legged, good cutters and with high resistance, besides they are very pretty and stylized roosters.

The sweater gamefowl fighting style is up in the air since they are very flying roosters. Between their deficiencies, they are birds that don’t develop very good in the floor that’s why we should cross them with a line of floor fighting. The Sweater roosters are the most crossing family, they can be mated with almost any other, of course the most popular are with the kelso gamefowl, Hatch and Giro.

This line in the practice when the birds truly stick to the combat style in reference, they tend to give very good offspring, but surely they have their own weak spot in the fight and in the long term resistance, since there are birds that lack of bottom, that’s why it’s a good idea to cross them with Kelso and Hatch.
The Giro with Sweater are very rare and their original blood has high validity. These roosters are of platinum tones, with yellow legs, very good fighters, very tough and of good breed.

Most important breeders sweater gamefowl

There infinity of variants in the Sweater gamefowl fighting style and each breeder has given an unique style to their family. The American breeders that outstand the most with these animals are:

gamefowl sweater rooster fighting
Sweater rooster bloodline
  • Carol Nesmith
  • Bruce Barnet
  • Dink Fair
  • Johnnie Jumper

I want to remember that this aren’t all the breeders, I’m just mentioning the ones whom to my eyes are the most popular.

The Sweater possum and the Sweater 5000 that reach the top with Carol Nesmith, Bruce Barnet and the great breeder Dink Fair, but this family couldn’t have been part of the history of the gallistics if it wasn’t for the hands of the greatest breeder, Johnnie Jumper (cataloged by the breeders themselves). Rumor has it that he is the one that the Sweater roosters owe their existence.

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Sincerely, it would be difficult that such a complete race would give in the throne but the history is clear and strong.

Anyways, we should know that one of the best crossing are the Kelso with Sweater rooster due to the latter being a great line and an invaluable asset to the worldwide gallistics since there are the families of this great race that has given life to it, not for nothing they have reached the top in most of the countries. Cheers to the Sweater gamefowl and don’t forget that the small details make the great breeders.